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David Tamburini 100k

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

“Putting in a shift” was put into literal terms for Inverclyde AC runner David Tamburini who ran uninterrupted for seven hours and 40 minutes around a 3.6 kilometre loop at the Esplanade, completing the rarely-conquered 100 kilometres distance.

David, better known by friends as “Tamba” started off his day before the sun had even risen, waking up at 4am to eat breakfast prior to the start of his run at 7am.

Starting down at the bottom of North Street, where he can be found training with his teammates on a regular basis, he was flanked by clubmates as well as some friends from neighbouring athletics club Glenpark Harriers who kept him company throughout too.

With it being planned exercise, COVID-19 rules allowed the groups to form to support Tamba, who was running at an average speed of around 7 minutes and 40 seconds a mile.

To put it into context, he ran 20 Parkruns back-to-back in 23 minutes and 49 seconds each without stopping his watch.

Some of his pacemakers and support group put in solid shifts themselves, with morning runners taking a break before coming back to run a second time.

Others who were training for virtual marathons, covered more than a third of the distance, while many of the younger athletes were determined to reach at least 25k – running a quarter of the distance of the main man.

Inspired by ultramarathon runners and motivational speakers, Tamba set a goal to run the distance – over 62 miles – after the COVID-19 pandemic left the racing calendar empty for athletics.

Having had experience in 50k competitions, his latest effort saw him cover over two marathons, unofficially running one of the quickest times in Scottish history – if it was an official race it would have been good enough for 23rd on the all-time list.

Training on a vegan diet, Tamba’s run comes just six years after he returned to the sport and would soon be running nearly as quick as he was a youngster. Now at 45, he is still inspiring athletes in their teens who ran part of the distance.

It wasn’t a run without its drama though. Around 70km in, a pacemaker on a bike clipped a barrier, taking down one of the runners – luckily not Tamba himself. Reportedly, the pacemaker survived with a couple of scratches but is back running and typing up race reports.

Finishing at 2.40pm, Tamba received applause from some of those who came to watch him complete the effort. In response he thanked everyone for their support. Special thanks go to all pacemakers as well as those who provided well-needed snacks at the finish.


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